Why I Love My Chosen Profession

Me and Dad.jpg

A few weeks after my Dad died I looked back through old photos to find one of us together. I only found one. This is us in Rome with St Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’Angelo in the background. We had a wonderful time on that holiday, I remember I dragged him and my Mum around everywhere in the scorching 40 degree heat as I was so excited to show them the city I’d fallen in love with. 

My Mum must have snapped it and it’s precious. I've managed to avoid marriage so never had any of the traditional father/bride photos and as I'm always behind the camera we never had any professional ones taken.

Reflecting on this photograph and family photography makes me fall in love a little bit more with my chosen profession. It’s an honour to meet my clients, to be allowed for a brief time into their circle and to be trusted to capture and document their family. The portraits I take will not only be treasured for a lifetime but will form part of the legacy that is left to their children and descendants.

Photos are often cited as the number one possession that people would grab if their house was on fire and I feel so lucky that I get to spend my life making these precious items. 

Basingstoke Headshots


I had this lovely lady in my studio recently who was looking to refresh her headshots for LinkedIn. We’d met up for a coffee a few weeks prior to the session and discussed what look and feel she was going for and she decided she wanted her session in the studio rather than on location somewhere. We discussed make up (go for matt ladies and avoid shiny/metallic eyeshadows as although they look great in real life they come out really weird in photographs) and we talked about the different outfits we could try.

On the day of the shoot we had a lot of fun, talked about life the universe and everything and I think I captured some relaxed, professional images that she’ll be able to use for the next couple of years.